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Lost River Music Festival!

OH NO!!! ZZ TOP has had to cancel the rest of their tour, including the Lost River Music Festival!

Statement from the Festival:

ZZ TOP have just announced that scheduled tour dates will resume at the first of the year, stating, "Dusty's well being is paramount.” The statement is in reference to Dusty Hill, the band’s bass-guitarist, who, earlier, took a mis-step on his tour bus and injured his hip, whose energies are now aimed at rehab in expectation of a a complete recovery

The band’s management is now booking and re
-scheduling an extensive run of dates starting early next year. “We’re looking forward to getting out there and rockin’ it with Dusty in a big way...100%,” bandmates Billy F Gibbons and Frank Beard, commented. Dusty's usual upbeat wit was very much in evidence as he added that he'd like to see Slim Harpo’s classic "Hip Shake" added to the band's repertoire.

Ticket holders for tour dates this fall run should hold on to their tickets until the updated schedule is posted early next week.

All of us with The Lost River Music Fest Date wish Dusty a speedy recovery with his injury! One of our biggest goals for this year's Lost River Music Fest was to bring ZZ Top back to Bowing Green! We still look forward to celebrating Billy, Dusty and Frank playing again in Bowling Green after playing here early in their careers. Our October 25th Date at Bowling Green Ballpark will be rescheduled for next Spring. We've submitted a couple of dates to ZZ Top's Representatives and are awaiting word from them on which date we will be rescheduled. If you have already purchased tickets, please hold on to them for next Springs Concert. We will let you know as soon as we have a new date!


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