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Bowling Green, corner of Chesnut and Morris Alley

Tidball's's Upcoming Concerts:
Date Time Artist Details Tickets
Thursday 8/6 Shih Tzu Nami w/ Yet-Jr, and Heron & Crane
Friday 8/7 Clay Powell w/ Calabash, Owen Campbell
Saturday 8/8 Josh London w/ Brent Rupard, Sara Beth Tate
Thursday 8/13 Sad Baxter w/ Feltod Mavous and Rose Hotel
Friday 8/14 Jericho Woods w/ Nick Dittmeier & The Sawdusters
Saturday 8/15 Fat Box
Tuesday 8/18 The Cartoons w/ Due Dilligence and Jescoe Black
Thursday 8/20 T-Martel w/ Hear, and Mundane Nation
Friday 8/21 All Deeds Done w/ Lonely Biscuits, and Keeps
Saturday 8/22 Bobby Bare JR w/ Jamie Resch & The Frontmen
Tuesday 8/25 The Hard Times
Thursday 8/27 Roots of Rebellion w/ Floralorix
Friday 8/28 Space Capone
Saturday 8/29 El El w/ Waterfall Wash

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