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Bowling Green, corner of Chesnut and Morris Alley

Tidball's's Upcoming Concerts:
Date Time Artist Details Tickets
Thursday 7/9 The Cartoons w/ All Deeds Done
Friday 7/10 Jamie Resch w/ Ben Knight and The Welldiggers, and Year of October
Saturday 7/11 Shih Tzu Nami w/ Flower Girl, and Milk Dick
Thursday 7/16 Porchlord w/ Jescoe Black
Friday 7/17 Dead Broke Barons w/ Misty Mountain String Band
Saturday 7/18 Outhouse Etiquette w/ Old School Mining Co - Outhuse Etiquette's CD Release show!
Thursday 7/23 Peter The Freshman
Friday 7/24 Talker w/ Ed Monk, and Bedroom
Saturday 7/25 Cassidy Lynn Alexander w/ Matt Bell
Friday 7/31 Plastic Friends w/ The Hollywood Kills

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