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Bowling Green, corner of Chesnut and Morris Alley

Tidball's's Upcoming Concerts:
Date Time Artist Details Tickets
Thursday 10/15 Yeti - Jr. w/ Tesla Rossa and Milktooth
Friday 10/16 Frances & The Foundation w/ Lazy Sunday and Easy Roscoe
Saturday 10/17 Space Capone
Thursday 10/22 Ghost Effects w/ Kip Bradley, and Cigarette Smoke
Friday 10/23 SEEK w/ Ethan Hunt & Halfgrass
Saturday 10/24 The Cartoons w/ Bad Cop, and Trout
Thursday 10/29 Heyrocco w/ Chief Scout, and Cold Fronts
Friday 10/30 Mona w/ Dead Sea Skulls
Saturday 10/31 Fat Box
Saturday 11/14 Full Frontal Saurus w/ Yumi & The Sytem and Jay McDuck

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Sniffing Butts & Taking Names

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