Polkadot cracks all-time high and is now also available as a certificate

Polkadot (DOT) cracks all-time high and is now also available as a certificate

The 21Shares company is launching the world’s first polkadot (DOT) ETP. This allows investors to invest in DOT directly on the Swiss exchange. The altcoin also breaks through the US$20 mark and reaches a new all-time high.

21Shares already provided listings for Bitcoin and Ethereum ETPs (Exchange Traded Products) on several exchanges in the past. As of now, there is also a Polkadot ETP.

With the ETP, 21 Shares aims to lower the barriers to entry for Bitcoin Revolution newcomers to the crypto space. Investors should have a safe, regulated and easy way to invest in Polkadot.

The new ETP comes shortly after Polkadot was already added to 21Shares‘ main ETP product „Crypto Basket ETP (HODL)“ on 29 January. This contains cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) and recently Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was replaced by DOT in this ETP. According to MV Index Solutions, Polkadot now accounts for about 27 per cent of the product, while Bitcoin is responsible for about 50 per cent of the ETP.

Polkadot is just the beginning

In addition, 21Shares has announced that it plans to release even more crypto ETPs in the coming months. But which cryptocurrencies these might be is still unclear. Polkadot has been one of the top performers in the crypto space over the past 30 days, alongside a number of decentralised finance tokens.

The DOT price rose by more than 120 per cent in the last month and reached a new all-time high of 21.54 US dollars just a few hours ago.